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Edward Simelane wins for his remarkable stone sculpture, cal...
Director: Zola Maseko
Language: English
South AfricaDrama
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You can share in the stories of a continent rediscovered wit...
Language: English
South AfricaMovies
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Ousmane Sembene and Thiermo Faty Sow, who wrote and directed...
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An African mother will do just about anything to protect her...
Director: Mohamed Camara
Language: French

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In Burkina Faso, a country confronted with poverty and archa...
Director: S.Pierre Yaméogo
Language: French
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In this three-part series, Belgian filmmaker Thierry Michel ...
Director: Thierry Michel
Language: English
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Following a violent rupture with Amr, his long-time preferre...
Director: Youssef Chahine
Language: Arabic
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Kapo, Bana, Kanyankole and Mulokole are youths from four reg...
Director: James Tayler - Donald Mugisha
Language: Luganda


The notion of hybridity is a theme that runs through m...

Ousmane Sembène was a Senegalese film director,...

Author of three novels, he also directed the comedy Le...

Born 14 April 1943 in Nkongsamba in Cameroon, Daniel Kamwa a...


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